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Cardless Checkout

Make out the checkout process so much simpler with Cardless Checkout! Wave good-bye to queues at your front desk, and hello to a new Uber-style way of paying for appointments.

Why you'll love Cardless Checkout

This handy new feature is going to modernise the way you receive payments and enable your guests to show up, glow up and go!

Cardless Checkout is all about helping you:

– Create a more seamless checkout experience for your guests
– Reduce queues at your front desk
– Less card handling creating a safer space during a pandemic.

A new checkout process

Cardless Checkouts makes the checkout process so much more seamless for your staff and clients!

Guests provide their credit card details, which are then securely tokenized to allow for easy, cardless checkout at in your point of sale.

When your client’s service is complete you can charge their credit card on file rather than having them wait in a queue to pay using a card at your front desk.

How it works

Shortcuts Coach, Jonathan, gives you a quick walk through Cardless Checkout.


Do I need to be on a Shortcuts package to access this feature?

Yes, you will need to be on one of our packages, Essentials, Elevate or Evolve, to access Cardless Checkout. If you aren’t currently on a package, reach out to our Customer Care team on 1300 667 374 (option 2) today and they’ll help you find the best package for your business!

What else do I need to use Cardless Checkout?

You will need a Stripe account to use any of our online payments features, including Cardless Checkout. If you don’t already have a Stripe account set up and connected to Shortcuts, click here to learn how!

What version of Shortcuts do I need to be on?

Cardless Checkout is available in version