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Mikey Forster

Between an endless wait list of customers and an ever-growing presence on the global fashion circuit, it seems like everyone wants a piece of Horse Meat Disco owner, Mikey Forster. We spent a day with Mikey to find out how he balances it all, and see what tools he uses to make his life easier.

Sitting pretty in the inner-Brisbane suburb of Stones Corner, Horse Meat Disco is an unlikely mix of 70’s glam and industrial style, served up with a healthy dose of fun.

When customers come to the disco, I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. Education is such an important focus for us. I want every customer to know that they are being looked after by a bunch of professionals that will be able to give them the best experience possible.

Mikey ForsterOwner - Horse Meat Disco

“My team at the salon are the ultimate odd bunch. Everyone looks different, does different work, they’re all individuals and that’s what I love about them.”

I love tools like Cloud Reporting. If I’m not at the salon I can just log on from anywhere and see our sales for the day.

I like to start my day with yoga to prepare me for the high-energy environment at the salon.