By setting up and using Shortcuts Online Gift Cards, it lets your clients purchase gift cards autonomously, online, 24/7! You can keep the revenue flowing in, even when your doors are closed. Sounds perfect, right?

What’s even better is that it requires little, to no work, from you once they are set up! You can sit back and relax while keeping cash flow coming in during this or any other unexpected closures, by allowing your customers to buy gift cards now to use in-salon later.

Let your gift be hair-shaped

Learn how to set up Online Gift Cards, get connected to your Stripe account, and monitor your success once you go live!

Online Gift Cards Communication Kit

Just for you, we’ve put together a communication kit that includes email and SMS templates, copy, images, and social posts to help you communicate to your clients during COVID-19, including that you now have Online Gift Cards available!


Get set up with Online Gift Cards today!

*Online Gift Cards are available to Shortcuts customers on ongoing maintenance only. If you are not currently on a maintenance package we will be in touch shortly to upgrade you. To use online gift cards you will also need to upgrade to an Essentials, Evolve or Elevate package.