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ShortcutsPay Terminal

Fully Integrated Smooth Client Experience Easy End of Day Local Support

The ShortcutsPay Terminal (basically a fancy word for eftpos machine) is fully integrated with your Shortcuts system meaning keying errors are a thing of the past! Say hello to more cash for your business. Cha-ching!

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In-salon payments just got easier

Our ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal (basically a fancy word for eftpos machine) saves your salon, spa or barbershop from transposition errors like keying in $10 instead of $100 for a sale eeeeek! Get ready to provide a faster payment and checkout experience, save your cash flow from keying errors, and your time from processing payments. What’s not to love? 😍

End of Day is a breeze

Is completing your End of Day normally a stressful time for you? It’s time to stress less, because now you can now have total confidence when completing your End of Day that your terminal transactions are accurate and will match the transactions through Shortcuts. Using terminals from your banks means they aren’t integrated with your salon software, which means any transaction errors throughout the day will throw off your numbers at the End of Day settlement. What a nightmare! But not anymore with the ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal 😘

What you'll love

ShortcutsPay Integrated Terminal is here to make your in-salon payments silky smooth by helping:

  • Provide a faster payment and checkout experience for your clients
  • Improve efficiency and cash flow
  • Reduce human error and banish transposition errors
  • Easy end of day reconciliation
  • No bank involvement
  • Aussie support team

Ready for a ShortcutsPay Terminal in your life?

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