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Our Guide To Developing a Salon Recruitment Plan

August 9, 2021
When it comes down to it, the success of your salon depends on a strong team to keep the revenue flowing in and keep clients happy. However, we understand that for salon owners, salon recruitment can be a bit of a headache.

The Best Marketing Ideas for a Barber Shop

August 5, 2021
Back in the good old days, barbershops could rely on passing trade and word of mouth to bring in new clients. But times have changed and sadly most barbers can no longer depend on this.

The Best Ways To Increase Salon Revenue This Summer

June 15, 2021
After being closed for months during the lockdown, you might be starting to feel like you’re getting back into the swing of things. So, now you can FINALLY plan for the coming months to ensure you keep those bookings coming in.