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How to Grow Your Salon Business The Right Way

November 21, 2022
Is Shortcuts Software really worth your money? The short answer is yes, especially if you want to grow your salon business.  We do however understand that investing in business management software can feel like a big financial commitment, so we’ve explored the value of using Shortcuts Software. 

5 Salon Loyalty Program Examples To Retain More Customers

September 30, 2022
Whether you run a large or small business, having a barbershop or salon loyalty program can help you attract and maintain loyal customers and boost retention. Implementing a reward program will give clients an additional reason to choose you, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.
Lady in hair towel and robe using salon booking app

6 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Salon Booking App

September 27, 2022
Salon booking apps are a fairly new way to book appointments, so naturally, you might be questioning whether they are worthwhile for your business. We’ve broken down 6 reasons why you should leverage this innovative way for clients to interact with your business.