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Attendance, Schedules & Commissions – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Attendance, Schedules & Commissions – Basics

Are you a manager or salon owner? Are you new to Shortcuts? This classroom session is for you! Learn how to set schedules for your staff, how to track hourly employees, and even fix attendance. The lessons in this classroom session will help with your online scheduling& your payroll. • How to clock in and clock out • How to…
Noe Valladolid
February 2, 2021
Point of Sale – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Point of Sale – Basics

This classroom is an absolute must for every salon, spa, and barbershop using Shortcuts. If you have new staff, a new manager, or just need a refresher on the Shortcuts Point of Sale, this class is for you! We will look at how to sell services, products, and sundry and we will also cover the start of day and end…
Noe Valladolid
January 26, 2021
Appointment Book – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Appointment Book – Basics

If you are new to Shortcuts, it’s time to get up to speed on the appointment book! Learn how to get the most out of your appointment book screen, how to record client notes, and much more. • Navigating the Appointment Book Screen • Client Management • Making Appointments / Changing Status
Noe Valladolid
January 21, 2021
Walk-in Manager – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Walk-in Manager – Basics

Is your business high volume? Do you want a way to get your customers in & out efficiently and safety? Shortcuts Walk-In Manager has everything you need to configure walk-ins, work efficiently and help your staff clock in & out quickly. Get up to speed on this powerful tool in Shortcuts! • Walk-in Configuration • Employee Access • Client Management
Noe Valladolid
January 12, 2021
Pre-Arrival Emails & SMS Messages in the Shortcuts CloudOnline ClassesWebinars

Pre-Arrival Emails & SMS Messages in the Shortcuts Cloud

Learn the ins and outs of our new message enhancements that we created just for YOU! You can start sending Pre-Arrival Messages and Customized SMS to your clients! From pre-appointment checks, to cleaning and safety precautions, limits in the waiting area and more – communicate quickly & effectively with your clients. Pre-Arrival Emails & SMS Messages in the Shortcuts Cloud…
Noe Valladolid
October 20, 2020
Shortcuts Anywhere – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Shortcuts Anywhere – Basics

Did you know that every Shortcuts user has the ability to view their appointment book remotely? We call this Anywhere! It allows your staff to view their own appointments without having to look at the Shortcuts Point of Sale computer. You can even give your staff or coworkers permission to make appointments for themselves, awesome right?! We will cover the…
Noe Valladolid
September 29, 2020
Shortcuts Spotlight Ratings & Reviews – BasicsOnline ClassesWebinars

Shortcuts Spotlight Ratings & Reviews – Basics

Did you know 67% of customers make decisions based on online reviews? Positive reviews improve your reputation, increase your sales, enhance ranking on search engines, and have the ability to boost profitability! With Shortcuts Spotlight, learn how to create surveys, view reviews, respond to both positive and negative customer reviews and share those positive reviews on Facebook! Utilizing Spotlight will…
Noe Valladolid
September 22, 2020