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Did you know you have...

A Software Upgrade? New Payment Features? Online Software Access?

We are not kidding! All of our current customers have one if not all of these options available to them RIGHT NOW! Are you utilizing all the business management features currently available to you? Let us give you a feature refresher or share what is COMING SOON!

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Lets explore your Shortcuts System...

Shortcuts does more for your business.

At Shortcuts, not only do we provide our customers with a  robust business management solution, but we also have a team of consultants that are here to assist you with the growth and development of your business… They also happen to be Shortcuts experts.

This free layer of support is available to all current software users. Reach out to our customer care team by clicking the link below and let them help review your business and your personal software needs.

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Payment Suite

Integrated Payments
Cardless Checkout (Coming Soon)
Cancellation Fees
Employee Tip Cards
○Remote Connection
○Tap & Pay
○Online Giftcards
○Upfront Payments

Shortcuts Upgrade

New look and feel
○Blended single view of walk-in & appointment visits
○Streamlined Point of Sale design and functionality
Walk-in manager improvements
○Client search & dashboard enhancements
○Employee & appointment touch tip enhancements
○Simplified group checkout

Online Features 

Appointment Book
Reporting & KPI Dashboard
Employee Target Tracking
Service Ticket Upsell
Email & SMS Marketing
Online Booking (Modern Design & Added Features)
Google Booking Integration
Website Hosting

New Look and Feel

Shortcuts has a new look and feel which means clean, fresh themes with enhanced features!

Click the play button for a sneak peek of what’s new!  

Want more information on these features? Attend our webinar or fill out the form below!

Payment Suite

Did you know Shortcuts offers a fully integrated payment solution with your system? It’s true, we do – and the best part is, integrated payments reduces user error when closing out transactions.

What’s that? You need more! We got you – the Shortcuts Payment Suite gives you the opportunity to unlock our sexiest new features!! Employee Tip Cards and our Cancellation fees feature will keep your staff happy all while you’re impressing your guests with card on file checkouts and online digital gift cards. Want more information on these features? Attend our webinar or fill out the form below!

Online Features

Let us introduce you to our online accessible features! Enjoy the ease of accessing your Appointment Book online and other great features! Our customers love the ability to set individual employee KPIs and Send out SMS & Email marketing blasts to their customers.

Did you know we also offer website creation and hosting? Its the perfect place to show off our latest Modernized Online Booking Feature- Coming Soon 

Want more information on all the online features we offer or the latest version of Online Booking? Attend our webinar or fill out the form below!

Questions from our Client Success Team:

Corey, Rebecca, and Angel want to know:

Do you have the most up-to-date version of Shortcuts running in your business? Do yourself and your team a favor and take advantage of the FREE update which is available to you now!

Are you utilizing all of the features currently available to you in your system? We know how it goes, you launch your software, you get started with the most important features your business needs right away, time passes and you forget you had access to so much more. As your business matures, so should your business management solution. Let us give you a refresher customized to your business!

Want to know what’s going on at Shortcuts or even better what’s coming next? We will have a webinar on June 14th, July 12th and August 9th to share it all! Can’t make it? No worries, all new feature releases and announcements will be shared through our social media channels, give us a follow!

Do you follow us on Facebook or Instagram? We announce any software changes and new launches on our social media channels. If you want to be up to date with your business management software, give us a follow.

Let us help you answer these questions and more!

Overview videos

Our Shortcuts Educator walks you through all of the new improvements in 8.1 in these quick overview videos.

Learning center

Want to learn how to do something specific in Shortcuts? Check out our Learning Center for step-by-step videos.