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In such a fast-paced industry, staying up to date with the latest trends can be difficult. Often, by the time you’ve caught on, it’s already been and gone.

However, hopping onto those long-term trends is a sure way to gain long-term results.

We’ve collated the top salon industry trends for 2023 that can help your salon leverage changes in consumer behaviour. 


Salon Industry Trends For 2023

  • Hyper-Personalization

Hairdresser and client personalised hair service

If we’re being honest, as humans we tend to have our own interests at heart. And who doesn’t love something that’s completely theirs? It’s enough to make us all feel special and valued.

Hyper-personalization is a salon industry trend worth noting. Now more than ever, clients are looking for messaging that is tailored directly to them. Personalization programs actually yield 20% higher customer satisfaction rates.

For example, a ‘Happy Birthday’ email offering your client a discount to celebrate can brighten up their special day.

Marketing strategies like this are possible with Shortcuts. Our Marketing Plus feature allows you to create campaigns that are uniquely suited to your customers.

But the personalization trend doesn’t end with marketing. From the moment someone discovers your business to the moment they walk into your salon, they’re looking for a bespoke level of service.

This usually comes down to knowing each and every client on a personal level: asking how their holiday was, or remembering their go-to service.

Our Client Information Cards feature means that your staff can take notes after their appointments, ensuring that no little detail about your client is forgotten.

  • Digitalization

There’s no denying that today’s world is a digital world. Everything is online. So if you’re not hopping on the digital bandwagon in 2023, you could be missing some serious opportunities.

An online booking option is non-negotiable at this point. Not only do millennials and Gen Z prefer to book online as opposed to phoning up, but 50% of salon customers book their appointments outside of opening hours.

You might be thinking ‘salon booking systems have been around for years’. But hold on – the digitalization continues.

To go a step further, clients are loving when tech is used in the salon to make their appointment more efficient.

Shortcuts software offers a Self Check-In feature. This lets your clients check in on a computer or tablet in your waiting area, or on their mobile phone if they’re on their way. You can then let them know how long they have to wait with a digital display board, updated in real-time!

  • Inclusive and Diverse Services

Inclusive hair services on curly hair

If your salon services aren’t inclusive in 2023, you’re falling behind! Incorporating services for everyone isn’t so much of a ‘trend’, but a must-have for all salons.

For example, anyone in the salon industry knows that there is a lack of specialized hair services out there for curly and textured hair.

On top of this, gender-based pricing can cause stress and anxiety for many people. This isn’t surprising since 93% of people who identify as trans or non-binary have been misgendered at a salon.

The bottom line is that there is a real need for inclusivity in hair salons, and this is the year to actively make that change!

With Shortcuts, our Employee Management feature can help you keep track of your employee progress, helping you to identify those who need training in certain areas. Your service menus can also be personalized, making it easy for you to create gender-neutral price lists.

  • Value For Money

With rising inflation and cost of living, 2023 is set to be a money-conscious year. 

In fact, 81% of consumers report changing how they shop to manage expenses, and a growing number of people (42%) identify as “not impacted financially, but cautious with spending.”

To put it simply, clients are even warier about parting with their cash. As a salon, you need to show your customers that you can be trusted to provide great value for money.

Loyalty programs and promotions are not only going to be attractive to new and existing clients but will genuinely be appreciated by the latter. They’re a fantastic way to retain loyal customers.

Our Loyalty feature enables you to set up loyalty programs with ease, helping you incentivise and reward your clients.

  • Ethically Conscious Practices

Ethical hair products

2023 is the year that consumers want to make a difference. With 4 out of 5 people preferring to buy from sustainable brands, it’s important to consider how your salon can make more ethical choices.

Sustainability in the salon can include a multitude of different business practices. From using eco-friendly products to minimising waste, customers want to see salons taking care of the planet.

For example, by keeping your salon systems online, your business can become paperless!

At Shortcuts, we also highly recommend Vish – a colour management software which tracks your colour usage and inventory as well as client formulas in real time. It’s an excellent tool to eliminate colour waste, which is not only good for the environment but also reduces your supply costs!

  • Exceptional Customer Experience

It’s more important than ever to treat your customers well, or you will likely lose them forever.

A recent study found that almost a third of customers will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. This figure is only going up, which comes as no surprise with the increased cost of living which we mentioned previously.

From this salon industry trend, we can see that ‘wowing’ your clients will be vital if you want to boost your client retention. Going above and beyond is the new ‘meets expectations’.

So how can you do so?

One thing a lot of clients dislike during their salon visit is a sales pitch about the same old products which they know are pushed onto everyone. Cloud Upsell is a Shortcuts feature which helps you make personalised product recommendations. This makes your clients feel like you are truly listening to their needs, whilst also helping you hit retail targets.

In addition, having efficient customer service systems in place will ensure that your guests have a streamlined experience. Our Point of Sale feature offers a stylish, touch-screen point-of-sale system allowing you to check out clients, refund products and services, apply discounts and more. 

  • Solid Online Presence

Salon owner using laptop

Nowadays, if someone you know isn’t present online, you assume they’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. Your customers also think this about your business!

Just like your friend’s Facebook profile, your salon’s online presence is how potential clients are going to “stalk” you. They want all the details on your salon, including authentic results pics and reviews.

It all comes down to building trust. In fact, 95% of consumers read online reviews before they shop.

So, in 2023 it’s time to boost your online presence. Ask your customers (politely) if they can leave a review – you can even incentivise them to with a discount code. In addition, make sure you are leveraging all of your social platforms regularly.

Reviews have never been easier to collect than with Shortcuts. Our Ratings and Reviews feature automatically emails your clients after they visit asking for their feedback.

  • Health and Wellbeing Offerings

Off the back of the pandemic, consumers have an increasing interest in their health and well-being.

A whopping 44% of consumers say they actively look for products and services that help them live a healthy lifestyle. As a salon, this is an industry trend that you can make capital of.

A health-focused approach is worth considering for your service offerings, as well as your marketing messaging and retail upselling in 2023.

Again, these are all processes which can be made efficient and effective with Shortcuts!


Get Your Salon Set For 2023 with Shortcuts Software

Staying on top of salon industry trends is a whole lot easier with smart salon software.

Our range of expertly-designed features will help you run your business smoothly and keep your clients happy, so you can spend more time doing what you do best. 

To learn more about Shortcuts, get in touch with us or book a free consultation to discover how we can transform your business and increase your profits.

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