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The Best Ways to Improve Your Hair Salon’s Customer Service

salon owner combing client's hair

Creating an exceptional customer experience should be a goal for EVERY hair salon. 

Not only will you receive repeat customers but they will also be more likely to recommend you to their peers. AKA marketing for your business without costing you a single penny!

However, when you’re running a busy salon, it can be easy for things to get in the way and let your customer service fall by the wayside. 

By setting your salon up to deliver the best service possible, it will help you stand out from competitors and avoid losing those precious clients.

Having worked with plenty of salons throughout our time, we know a thing or two about how to improve salon customer service. Here are some of the key things to consider… 

Go above and beyond

While ultimately the client wants to leave the salon looking their best, those added touches will guarantee that they keep coming back. 

Taking an interest in the needs of the client and recommending treatments or products that may be suited to their hair type will make the service feel a lot more personalized. 

Investing in a good quality coffee machine is also a great way to give your client their caffeine fix and up your customer service game. 

Alternatively, you could even offer alcoholic drinks as part of a service for those getting ready for a night out.  

Create a loyalty programme

If you don’t currently have a salon loyalty programme in place, then it’s about time you did! 

When they’re done well, they can be a vital component of customer relationship building

By offering a special discount or a special gift during their visit, they will feel valued and connected to your salon. 

We believe loyalty is key to long-term success so we offer a dedicated Loyalty feature to help you incentivize and reward your clients.  

Invest in staff training

While you may be fully invested in customer service, what about the rest of your team? 

It’s essential to ensure everyone from your receptionist to your junior stylists is on the same wavelength when it comes to customer service. 

Having a customer service training programme in place will ensure all existing and new employees are clued up on how to treat clients and exceed expectations.  

Make the booking process as easy as possible 

In such a competitive market, the entire customer journey from booking to the end of the client’s appointment must be a smooth and easy process. 

Let’s face it, as consumers these days we don’t have a whole lot of patience. 

So, If the booking platform on your website is slow or difficult to use, the client will get easily frustrated and give up in a matter of seconds!

This is why we offer our easy to use Online Booking feature and Mobile Guest App feature which means clients can book when it suits them. 

Improve your customer service with Shortcuts Software

Now you know how to improve your customer service, you need the best salon software in place to help you achieve it. 

Shortcuts software will help you run your business smoothly, keep your clients happy, so you can spend more time doing what you do best.  

With our range of features, you can treat each and every guest to a VIP experience and keep them coming back to your salon. 

To learn more, get in touch with us or book a demo.  

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