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Crafting your brand story

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You know the old chestnut, “your vibe attracts your tribe”? Well it’s not just referring to your winning attitude – the same can be said for your salon, spa or barber shop’s brand.

A brand story is the combination of a few things – how you present your business to the world through messages and actions, and how the world perceives you. Compelling branding is essential to your business, and a brand story is just the thing to help summarise everything you represent.

Understand what it is

A brand story will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors, solidify your business in your target market’s mind, and give your business a warm, fuzzy soul – the piece of you your clients can identify with. Your brand story is all about relating with your clients on an emotional level, not a transactional level, to capture their hearts and win their business.

Often your clients will initially connect with your brand values rather than your winning personality or stellar service. Perhaps they’re very eco-conscious and you uphold the same environmentally friendly values and methods in your salon or spa? It’s so easy for this client to connect with you on an emotional level and your business becomes a clear choice for them over one of your less eco-friendly competitors.

Determine your “why”

This is where you’re going to kick-start your journey and craft your tale. When it comes to your brand story, it all loops back to your passions and reasons for starting in the industry or your business.

Why do you do what you do? Why did you start your business? What is your mission? Who are you helping and why are you helping them? These questions help you deep dive into something more substantial than what you do and what you offer to your clients. We want you to step away from the transactional and into the emotional element of your business.

From here, write one statement that sums up your mission – it only needs to be one or two sentences long. This little branding beauty is called a mission statement and will be what you refer back to when you want to define your brand.

Write your story

You will want to add more substance to your brand than just one little statement. To craft your brand story, think of the classic 30 second elevator pitch exercise. How would you pitch your business when you want to impress someone?

Ask yourself the same questions as you did for your mission statement, but go into more detail. Cover off who your business is for, what you do, where you’re going with your business, and how you’re going about it. Keep it short and sweet (or sassy if that’s your vibe). All you need is a snapshot, a tale, of your business which you can sell in the space of 30 seconds.

Keep it consistent

Now that you have a beautifully crafted brand story and your clients are getting you, it’s time to remember to keep your brand consistent. Every interaction with a client can bring your brand story to life. On every platform you post on, you want to make sure your story stays cohesive and relevant to your audience. This includes Instagram, Facebook, a blog on your website, sending out emails via our Set & Forget Marketing feature and on Google via tools such as Google My Business.

If you haven’t heard of what Google My Business is just yet, it’s the listing that shows up when your client searches locally for businesses or services via a Google search or Google Maps. At Shortcuts, we can optimise this listing with juicy, search-friendly keywords so your business rises above the rest, and we can post items that reveal your brand story in a snapshot to hook potential clients, quick smart. Click here to learn about our new Google My Business service!

When it comes to your brand story, consistency is everything. If you’re a spa that focuses on a luxe, relaxing experience, you wouldn’t post a video on Instagram with electronic music – it just doesn’t make sense. Keep this in mind with your marketing activities, and your brand is sure to be a consistent crowd-pleaser in no time.

Caitlin Adamson

Caitlin Adamson is a passionate creative and analytical thinker who brings her love for the written word to the marketing world. She brings her fresh outlook to the Shortcuts team and strives to create strategic and engaging collateral to help salons, spas, clinics and barbers to tackle their business endeavours with confidence.