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How to Create The Best Hair Salon Strategic Marketing Plan

This is a guide on how to create the best strategic marketing plan for your hair salon and effectively market your business. With the best salon marketing ideas and social media, you can ensure that your company flourishes in the face of fierce competition.

1. Online Customer Experience

With salon digital marketing, a website is essential since it allows you to be accessible to both new and existing clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will motivate visitors to your professional website to schedule an appointment.

Promote the Online Customer Experience

Regardless of the size of your salon or the services you provide, you are giving your customers an experience. You may offer services like those down the street, but the experience sets you apart. This is what you’re promoting on your website and what you’re selling. 

A salon website should include high-resolution photographs of your venue (both inside and out) as well as your services. Remember to appeal to your target market – younger demographics will appreciate a more creative approach, while older professionals will appreciate the opportunity to relax and release stress.

Optimize for Mobile

When your consumers are browsing your website on their smartphone late at night, they have little patience for a display that demands pinching and zooming to read what services you offer. 

There’s a slim probability that someone will return to your website if they leave without making a purchase. Through effective website development, you optimize on every device your customer uses as part of your wider hair salon strategic marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Making your website as user-friendly as possible for search is all that it involves. That requires making sure your website’s content matches what users would type into Google and making sure it loads quickly and is simple to navigate.

2. Social Media

People are glued to their phones, and there are screens everywhere. If you don’t promote your company on social media, you’re not only missing out on the existing online conversations about your company, but you’re also missing out on the opportunity to gain new clients. Here are some salon marketing ideas for social media.

Maintain a Professional Tone

Consider social media as a storefront for your company. It allows you to present your company in the best possible light while also providing potential customers with a glimpse of what you offer. Salons frequently build polished profiles using good salon digital marketing practice, just to wreck them by putting trashy news headlines, gossip, and poor images. 

While it’s vital to keep things light-hearted on social media, it’s also important to approach it professionally.

Post Regularly

Starting a social media account and then letting it lie dormant will not help your brand. Why should someone want to follow you if you don’t care enough to post frequently? Social media moves quickly, the good news is that blogging frequently doesn’t have to require a lot of time and effort if you’re organized with tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite to help you schedule your salon marketing ideas for social media.

3. Marketing to Customers

Who better to persuade to buy your services than people who have already visited your salon? Repeat business is an important aspect of having a successful salon. Here’s how to make the most of your online booking system’s ability to gain client contact information, which is important to your hair salon strategic marketing plan


Using email newsletters to keep in touch with clients is a great way to communicate with your audience. They’ll appreciate being informed, and you’ll profit from the trust you establish. When it comes to salon digital marketing, email is 40 times more successful than Facebook or Twitter in attracting new clients.


Everyone enjoys a good deal. A customer loyalty program is an excellent method to keep customers coming back. You’ll get an influx of regulars if you use email/SMS marketing strategies to send special offers to existing clients.

4. Recommendations

Smaller businesses, especially those with clientele who are likely to know others in need of their services, thrive on referrals and word of mouth. It’s critical that you provide an exceptional experience for your clients as part of your hair salon strategic marketing plan so that you won’t have to ask them to refer to others – they’ll want to.


Co-marketing is a collaboration between at least two companies or brands to share resources and customers. If visitors inquire about good salons or spas in the area, hotels near your salon may recommend your services. The hotel is doing its duty by assisting guests in finding what they require, and you might gain from a new customer. It’s a “win-win” situation for both parties.

Bring a Friend

Friends frequently visit a salon or spa together. That’s the idea underlying the common ‘bring a friend’ offer, in which a customer receives a discount on their service if they refer a friend. For example, you can also conduct a referral program in which a client receives a 10% discount for each friend who visits the salon.


Any firm that advertises online needs to have positive online reviews for salon digital marketing. When looking for a new business, 97% of clients lookup internet reviews. They may remove your salon from consideration if they can’t discover any reviews of you. Don’t be hesitant to request reviews from your customers. Asking when they’re in the store is probably not the best idea, but it’s a great way to use follow-up communications like email.

For new, aspiring, or experienced, salon owners, an effective strategic marketing plan is essential. We hope this guide has provided you with some salon marketing ideas for social media, website, and beyond.

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