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We proudly partner with a number of leading brands to help salons, like yours, stay in the know and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. We are committed to empowering our clients with access to powerful resources to accelerate their salon business.

Color management software provider, Vish is one of the industry-leading software solutions that we partner with. If you’re interested in learning how to accurately calculate your salon service prices for hair coloring, we invite you to discover more about how Vish works in this blog.

What is Vish?

Vish is the industry’s top color management system. It’s an intelligent integration that helps salons gain control over their pricing structure and eliminate waste.

The software connects an intelligent Bluetooth scale to the Vish Color Bar app, all information is recorded at the color bar and is automatically sent to the Vish Front Desk. It captures 100% of services and product charges, allowing salons to improve profit margins, and stabilize workloads.

Salons are also able to access analytics on:

  • Employee performance
  • Color service profitability
  • Stock replenishment

With Vish, stylists are empowered with the tools to bypass the numbers game and focus on creativity, making their lives a whole lot easier.

Five Benefits of Using Vish

To help you understand how effective the Vish software is, we have outlined the key benefits of using it to improve your salon pricing strategy and waste management.

1. Record Color Formulas with Precision

Vish is able to automatically record all color formulas accurately using a premium Bluetooth scale. You can effortlessly measure, mix and store your client’s formula with the Vish app.

2. Make More Money

Did you know that with a 20% average profit margin on color services*, your salon is generating less revenue per service than you realize? 

Vish has the capability to identify key performance indicators such as product cost per service, waste per service, and much more. With these insights, you have the freedom to decide how much to charge your clients. Vish accommodates all pricing models.

3. Capture 100% of Services

The Vish Front Desk app captures all service charges, thus making it possible to increase your service revenue by 15%*. 

Vish automatically communicates service information to the Front Desk so it can be added to the ticket, and you can finally close the door on potential service revenue walking out the door for free.

4. Automate Color Inventory

Vish users are eliminating their color waste and reducing their inventory costs by an impressive 25-40%*. 

How? By measuring and capturing every product dispensed down to the gram, Vish delivers precise reporting that allows you to forecast your professional stock requirements, identify trends, and track employee performance.

5. Eliminate Waste

Eliminating waste and providing salons with a solution to the waste that is present within the salon industry is at the core of Vish’s ethos. 

A number of new Vish users have gone from wasting up to 40% of their color to virtually zero*. This impacts overall turnover in many ways, but the reduction in your back bar costs pays for the system. Salons using Vish have gone from using six tubs of lightener each week down to only two.

Vish has created the Waste Warrior Awards to celebrate the top salons and stylists for their dedication to their craft and their commitment to promoting sustainability and waste elimination by using less to create more.

How Does it Work?

There are three parts that create one powerful system! As Vish likes to say, “it’s a salon cocktail that everyone can enjoy – owners, stylists, and colorists alike”.

It’s as easy as 1. Vish Colour Bar, 2. Vish Front Desk, 3. Vish Dashboard, et voila!

Here’s how each part works:

Vish Colour Bar

Vish Color Bar and scale records and reports details of a client’s appointment. Reduces waste, updates records, and tracks usage for accurate results. 

Vish Front Desk

Vish Front Desk captures missed services, eliminates undercharging for hair color volume, and removes the current practice of manually writing paper tickets.

Vish Dashboard

Vish Dashboard syncs all data from the Vish Colour Bar and Vish Front Desk in real time to give salon owners insight to coach their team, track their inventory, and eliminate paper records.

Salon Success Stories

Vish truly is such a powerful tool that can make a big difference in your salon but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these impressive success stories from two (of many) salons that have seen huge benefits from using the Vish software.

Luscious & Co

Savvy businesswomen, Liz and Jess Arrindell introduced Vish to gain control of their pricing structure. In doing so, they have more than recouped the $25 that they missed out on in the previous year due to Covid lockdowns.

“If we made the switch to Vish one year prior, we would have seen a difference of $25k in colour/product revenue. But don’t worry, we made up for it the first full year of using Vish.”

– Jess Arrindell.

Liz and Jess recognize that in order to successfully run a business in the midst of rising costs and supply shortages they need to be prepared, Vish is a powerful tool that has helped them maintain consistency and peace of mind.

“When color supply costs increase, they simply adjust the cost in their Vish database, which is reflected in guests’ formula costs. This type of support means Vish users can be responsive and not reactive in pricing.” 

– Vish

Read more about Luscious & Co’s success story.

Bombshell Beauty Lounge

Lisa Hill, Owner of Bombshell Beauty Lounge was stunned when she calculated how much money her salon spent on color that ends up as waste. In total it added up to more than $7,000 per year in product that was paid for, dispensed, and then disposed of.

Within two months of implementing Vish’s Color Management technology, Bombshell Beauty Longue’s waste fell significantly and has continued to stay down at less than $0.30 per service. 

Previously allowing 7% of weekly service sales for product replenishment, which was more often than not hit or exceed, with Vish, Lisa now spends less than 3%.

“We used to have cabinets and cabinets of color but we’ve got rid of all that. Instead, each week I pull off our Vish report, check what we’ve used to the gram, and replace only that. 

It is faster and vastly more efficient. Plus by slashing our inventory spend, we’ve been able to invest in the salon and the team.” 

– Lisa Hill

Find out more about Bombshell Beauty Lounge’s success story.

Gain Control of Your Pricing Structure With Vish

Book a Vish walk-through to begin your journey towards eliminating your hair salon waste, and increasing your salon revenue. During this process, you’ll be connected with one of Vish’s product specialists who will review your salon, to identify how the system will uniquely work for you.

Discover additional ways to save time and boost revenue with our salon management software. Explore our range of game-changing features and join thousands of salon, spa, and barber professionals who use Shortcuts to be a cut above the rest.

*Stats provided by Vish

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