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Four ways to wow your salon clients with tech

Four ways to wow your salon clients with tech

Is digital marketing critical to your salon success? Yes, yes and yes! You only need look around at everyone clinging to their smartphone as though it’s a lifeline to know that technology is a must for your business. As a business owner, you should be asking yourself: how can I wow my clients using the latest tech?

More than ever, you can reach out and create a personalised digital experience in the palm of your clients’ hands, wherever they are. Whether you choose to engage via a mobile app, email or social media, the potential is huge – and so is the competition. You need to get savvy to stand out and connect in a meaningful way.

Here are four things you need to know to make your digital experience wow-worthy.

1. One-sided relationships don’t work

In life or in business, one-sided relationships simply don’t work! If you spend all of your time boasting about yourself, you will lose friends and loyalty fast. In the digital world, affections fade and your audience dwindles. But when you make it all about your clients, they will be more likely to discover how amazing you truly are.

How do you make it about them and not you? You solve their problems or challenges through education. You demonstrate your value, build loyalty and position your salon as expert and professional. Clients look for two things: expertise and experience. What better way to enhance their experience than extending it beyond the salon to their fingertips?

2. Keep it real!

Yes, we may live in a digital world, but we still crave human attention and connection. When communicating with your clients you need to humanise your business.

Inject a stellar level of personality and connect it back to your clients’ needs. Speak their language in a tone they’ll feel comfortable with – they’ll be more likely to feel a stronger sense of kinship and be willing to let your content catch their eye or spark their curiosity.

Remember, no-one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

3. Pick the right platform/s

The digital world is a jungle – it’s easy to get lost or left behind. To overcome your personal hump and conquer the jungle, join the expedition one step at a time.

Your first step is to engage your team in the process – they help look after your clients and they know what platforms get clients excited. Prepare a simple client survey to understand where your clients spend their digital time. Once you know where their digital “campfires” burn, you’ll know what part of the jungle to focus on.

But be warned, if you try to spread yourself across many platforms, you won’t be doing the best or most effective job possible. If you don’t know where you need to be, you’ll end up somewhere with no relevance to your clients.

4. Always, always have a plan

You may be the busiest person in the world, but if you have prioritised your time and delegated tasks, then you will have time to make a plan.

Digital tech’s ultra-rapid evolution means you must act today to achieve the outcome you want for tomorrow – fully engaged and loyal clients who value and trust in what you do.

Start now by setting aside specific time in your diary – say two hours every week – and use what you learn from your client surveys to make a plan of action.

Stay committed – digital marketing is a giant beast to be tackled one bite at a time. Nibble away in two-hour blocks and, before you know it, you’ll be on your way to engaging your existing clients and attracting new prospects to your salon every week. It’s a reward well worth planning for.

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