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How online payments can make your salon life easier

Imagine if you could reduce the number of no-shows you have, improve your client’s experience so they spend more and run your team more efficiently? 

This is possible with the Shortcuts Upfront Payments feature, which allows your customers to take full or partial-service payments online at the time of booking. Let’s check it out below. 

1. Reduce or reduce your no-shows 

No-shows can be costly to your business. In fact, it is estimated that up to 1.2 billion is lost in potential revenue because of no-shows each year. 

Taking upfront payments or deposits from your clients will ensure they turn up to their appointments, and if they don’t, you can keep the cancellation fee or deposit. 

2. Secure and safe payments 

Through our partnership with Global Payments Integrated, you are able to collect secure payments from your customers for their services, which keeps both yours and your customers information safe! 

 It makes it easier for your customers to make payments directly in the app rather than being re-directed to another website. 

3. Improve your client’s experience 

Make it simple and easy for your clients to book an appointment with you. 

Our upfront payment features allow your clients to store their payment details securely when making a salon online payment

When they book future appointments, it is easier for them to make an appointment as they don’t need to remember their card details.

You have the option to process their payment in full, so your client doesn’t have to worry about making payment on the day, or wait at reception to process the payment. 

4. Flexibility to suit your business 

Flexibility is essential, no salon is the same, which is why this feature can work the way you want it to. 

You can decide whether your clients pay a deposit to secure an appointment, or whether they need to pay for the full amount upfront. 

You can decide if they get charged for cancellations and when, and if they get charged for not showing up, these are just some of the flexible options this feature offers.

In conclusion

Offering your clients online payments not only improves their experience, but it offers security for your business. 

If you would like to find out more about the upfront payments feature, get in touch with us on this form or ask your support consultant. 

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