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When running a busy barbershop, you rely on a dream team of barbers to help keep you sane and most importantly, keep your clients happy!

So, when you decide you want to grow your team or replace an existing barber, it’s important to get the hiring process right. But what’s the best way to hire barbers?

There are plenty of things to consider at each stage of the hiring process and even beyond this. 

We understand that recruiting barbers is NO easy feat, so we’re here to help with our expert advice on how to hire barbers!


How to hire barbers and retain them

New barber hire trimming client's hair


  • Decide on what you need in an employee

First of all, you need to consider the type of employee you need as this will shape your job advert.

Rather than hiring aimlessly without a clear candidate in mind, identify the skills you are missing and need to fill. 

Do you need someone to help around the shop, a part-time barber or someone with years of experience who can fit into your management team? 


  • Create a detailed job description

This then leads us to the next step which is creating a job description that clearly outlines the barbering experience and skills required.

Trust us, being as clear as possible will save you long nights spent sifting through hundreds of irrelevant applications. AKA a nightmare! 

Also, remember to provide some information about your business culture and what it’s actually like to work there. 

With hundreds of barbers out there seeking talent, you need to express why your barbershop is different.


  • Advertize your vacancy on multiple channels

One of our top tips on how to hire barbers is advertizing on multiple channels. You need to get the word out there about your job vacancy and there are many avenues to choose from. 

Ask your team to spread the word to their peers in the industry, there’s a high chance they may know someone looking!

Also, make sure to use your social media platforms to inform your followers and you can even use paid ads to reach a wider audience.


  • Ensure that they will fit in with the team

When it comes to the interview stage, use the opportunity to gauge their experience, test their skills and more importantly learn about their personality. 

After all, if you’re going to be working alongside this person day-in-day-out, it needs to be someone you’ll get along with. 

You can normally get a good or bad impression from someone within a few minutes of meeting them so trust those instincts! 


  • Provide them with adequate training 

So, you’ve found the perfect candidate and they’ve accepted the job. Hooray! What’s next? 

Since every barbershop is different, it’s essential to give your new starter a proper introduction to the team and get them up to speed on your processes. 

And make sure to give them all the training they need to get up and running and to continue upskilling.

By investing in employee development, it shows that you care and they are a lot more likely to stick around!


  • Manage your team in the right way 

Ultimately, when you’re running a business, you’re in charge of ensuring everyone is doing their job and providing the best service to clients.

But don’t forget to be understanding, show empathy and be fair to your fellow team members.

By having a leader that your team respects and values, they will be a lot more motivated to work hard and a lot less likely to leave.


Summary: How to hire barbers and retain them


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