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Jen and Sherie share their secrets

Business partners, high achievers, and occasional mischief-makers, Jen and Sherie are a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with this dynamic duo for a chat about what makes them tick, and discovered a few little secrets along the way…

What is your passion?

Jen: There’s nothing that makes me happier than helping women with their self-confidence. Sometimes clients walk in to the salon feeling low, and seeing them walk out just oozing confidence is amazing.

Sherie: Oh, Jen stole mine! Personally, I love being able to create an effect with a colour and cut completely transforming the way someone looks. Being able to wow them. I’ve had people tell me, “I didn’t think I could look that good”.

What motivates you?

Jen: Being able to set goals for the future, and achieve them. At the moment we have some big things on the cards – we want to grow our brand and are even looking at opening a second salon. It’s exciting!

Sherie: Jen and I have a very similar dream, and are very particular about what we want and how we want it done. In three short years we have ticked off everything we wanted to achieve, and I can’t wait to see where we’ll be in another three!

Jen: My mum is also a big inspiration for me. She struggled for many years as single parent, and every day I work towards creating something that will enable me to look after her the way she looked after me.

Sherie: And we’re getting there, fast! I like the fact that we have set out to achieve something and have then just blown it out of the water. We started our business in the middle of the GFC, and everyone we knew thought we were crazy. We’ve proven them wrong. We’ve pulled it off better than we ever could have hoped.

When you’re not in the salon, where would we find you?

Jen: At the gym. No that’s a complete lie, I wish! You’d probably find me on a mid-week escape in the countryside, somewhere I can really relax and unwind. Preferably with a Scotch and Coke Zero and heaps of ice.

Sherie: You’d find me at the beach working on my tan. I love the sounds and smell of the ocean, and the whole beach culture. That’s my calm.

What are your biggest vices?

Jen: Scotch and Coke! And cheese and red wine.

Sherie: Shopping!!

Do you have any hobbies?

Jen: Halo is our hobby!! I like taking photos, and reading…

Sherie: She reads vampire novels.

Jen: Shhh, I do not! I like love stories, I hate true stories.

Sherie: Shopping again! I also like entertaining – and with two little boys I have become an expert at throwing toddler parties.

How would you describe yourself?

Jen: We actually did a personality test the other day. Apparently I’m an eagle – I’m driven, assertive, a real straight shooter.

Sherie: And I’m a peacock! I’m fluffy and easily distracted! What brings us together is our passions and our dreams. We balance each other out.

Do you have any words for wisdom for other salon owners?

Jen: Put your plans on paper, work hard and surround yourself with those who support and encourage you.

Sherie: Never let anyone dampen your dreams!

Fleur Murphy

Fleur Murphy is a strategic thinker and marketing expert with a passion for the hair and beauty industry. With her drive to build strong brands, Fleur has helped businesses across Australia achieve tangible results from their marketing activities. At Shortcuts, Fleur focuses on strategies to help salons, spas and clinics get the most out of their business technology.