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Making it Quick & Easy to Promote Online Gift Cards this Holiday Season with Messaging!

The holidays are coming up FAST! We want to make gifting extra easy on your clients this holiday season, with Online Gift Cards! But first, how do you make sure you clients know about your Online Gift Cards?

When you’re trying to promote and SELL a product like Online Gift Cards, do you just choose one channel, cross your fingers and hope for results? Nope! One itty-bitty post to Instagram isn’t going to drive those sales all on its own. It has to work with all the other powerful channels you have in your marketing toolkit to get you the results you’re envisioning.

Are you catching my drift yet? We are talking about Message (a.k.a. SMS) marketing.

Messaging is very effective

So why are SMS so special? Well, our fab SMS provider MessageMedia, has found that 90% of text messages are read within 90 seconds. That’s crazy fast, right?!

It’s because we largely use texting as a social means of communication rather than just a marketing tool, much like email has become. We are much more likely to open and read texts as they come in!

So how can you use them to your advantage this holiday season?

Using Messaging this Holiday Season

One of the best-selling tools you have, SMS are proven to drive results and get your message across quick! SMS can help you spread the word about Online Gift Cards for the holidays.

We already know Online Gift Cards is an offering your clients will LOVE because they can now purchase digital gift cards straight from your website and send them directly to the recipient. Online Gift Cards are a no-brainer gift to give and who doesn’t love to receive cash to spend at their favorite salon?

Don’t have Online Gift Cards set up yet? We’ve got you covered.

Need Message (SMS) bundles? Look no further.

In your marketing strategy for promoting your new Online Gift Cards, use SMS to its full potential! Send out an SMS campaign to your existing clients letting them know what it is, where to find it, and what to do.

Need some examples? Check some out here.

Have more questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out us!

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