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Reign supreme this Black Friday

Reign supreme this Black Friday

The holidays are coming. First comes Halloween, then Hanukkah, Christmas and, before you know it, we will all be counting down as the ball drops into the New Year. But let’s talk about everyone’s favorite day mixed in amongst the festive season: Black Friday.

Black Friday is everyone’s favorite shopping day – it marks the holiday kickoff, and gives the people what they’ve been craving: irresistible discounts and deals. Have you considered how Black Friday can benefit your salon, spa, or barbershop? Luckily for you, we have! Here is your all-inclusive guide for ruling Black Friday.

First stop: inventory

Your shelves are stocked with items that haven’t moved for months, so what to do? Offer discounts or bundles in true Black Friday spirit!

There’s no greater way to upsell a client, than to offer them the product that just made their hair look silky smooth, or their skin look radiant. Sweeten the deal with a special discount on the greatest deal-day of the year. Simply group together a few products with the help of your Shortcuts system.

Next stop: rebook

Have those empty new year’s appointment books crossed your mind? In the midst of all the holiday season craziness, it’s all too easy to forget how quiet things can get come January or February.

As each client checks out, ask them if they would like to rebook for next year. With the convenience the re-book option in your Shortcuts appointment book, you can even re-book your clients before they leave the chair! Let’s fill up those books!

Don’t forget: gift cards

Gift cards are an easy way to boost your business during the holidays. Black Friday is already a time where people are swiping their cards and handing over cash quicker than they can blink. Take advantage of the deal seekers and offer a free percentage on gift card purchases.

For example, for every $100 purchased in gift cards, offer an extra $20. Or offer an extra 15%on every gift card purchase. Did they just buy a $100 gift card? It now has $115 on it!

Final stop: reviews

Reviews are essential for your business. We all know clients want their hair and skin taken care of by someone they can trust – so get those who love you to tell the rest of the world about it! This is a great way to bring in new clients.

To encourage your clients to write a review, you could try offering a free gift, a discounted service, or entering them in a draw to win some fab products. Ask and you shall receive.

Last note: make it fun!

These deals and experiences should always be fun for everyone in your salon, spa or barbershop. Remember, your clients are choosing to visit you on the greatest shopping day of the year, so why not surprise your loyal guests with a gift? Or, you could run a competition leading up to Black Friday, and even through the weekend. The prize? One of your signature services valid only during January or February. Wink wink.

Don’t forget to share the competition on social media, newsletters, text messages, and your website. Your clients want to see what you’re up to, so make sure you spread the love. You just might get more people into your salon or spa than you expected!