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Salon Recruitment Tips to Hire the Best Employees

Woman in a nail salon receiving a manicure by a beautician

When you are a salon owner, you are faced with a variety of tasks and challenges including bringing in new clients and managing finances. However, one of the most difficult, yet essential tasks is salon staff recruitment

After all, a salon is nothing without its employees! While effective salon management is key, you need a dream team to keep your customers smiling and maximise those profits.

With salons reopening in a matter of days, salon recruitment may be back on your agenda. After being closed for months, we have zero doubts that you’ll want to hit the ground running again when you reopen. So, it will be more important than EVER to hire the right people! 

We get it, recruiting new stylists or therapists can seem like a minefield. But, there are in fact ways to make it easier and save you time. As salon experts, we know what we’re talking about. Listen up!

Know when to hire someone

Firstly, you need to think carefully about whether you need to hire someone right now. Of course, hiring a new stylist can result in increased client revenue. BUT, do you have the capacity and how will it impact your bottom line?

Take a look at your appointment schedule and see how full up your appointments are with your existing team. If you’re turning clients away, then it may be time to bring on a new team member! 

Remember to consider your productivity measure from pre-lockdown too, as there will likely be a rush at the moment as everyone needs treatments! You don’t want to regret hiring someone a few months down the line. 

With Shortcuts, you’ll have access to our handy Appointment Book feature which lets you easily oversee your appointments. Our Reporting feature will also help you easily track progress and identify your strengths and weaknesses – a game changer! 

Promote your job advert 

How do you actually find the right people? Once you’ve set your sights on hiring, it’s time to create a top-notch job advert and get it out into the world! 

Remember to make the job advert as specific as possible and be transparent about the level and experience you are expecting. Trust us, it will save you spending hours sifting through unsuitable applications – the worst! 

Next up, you’ll need to advertise the role in places where top talent will see it. You can ask your employees to spread the word, share it via your social media and add it to your website. 

It’s pretty likely that candidates will stalk your social media so if it isn’t active already then it’s time to change this! If you’re in need of a helping hand, Social Sorted is a great place to start. 

If you want to reach a wider audience, get the job posted on employment websites such as Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Review your interview questions

Let’s face it, interviews are a tad intimidating. While the candidate wants to make an impression, the interviewee has to get as much information in a short space of time to inform a decision. No pressure, huh? 

As the saying goes, by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail. Have some key questions prepared to steer the conversation and ensure you don’t go off track. 

Top tip: Understand if the candidate is open to learning and development. When staff are committed to ongoing training and development, it will encourage staff loyalty, retain talent and boost engagement. So, if a candidate doesn’t show interest then this is a big no go! 

Train them and monitor progress 

Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, the process doesn’t end there. You’ll need to train them up on your salon policies and procedures, the products you use and your salon software.

At Shortcuts, we offer training and development for any new starters to ensure they are equipped with all the knowledge they need to use our software. What’s more, you’ll be able to easily keep an eye on their progress in the first few months using our Employee Management feature. 

With all these handy features, it will make it a lot easier to run your salon smoothly and finally get the chance to put your feet up!

Invest in the right salon software

So, there you have it. You now know how to hire the best talent and how you can use Shortcuts to help out along the way.

Shortcuts is a game-changer for your business and will help simplify your daily tasks, automate the essentials and manage clients effortlessly. The best part? You’ll have more time to do what you love most!

To learn more about how Shortcuts could help your salon, why not book a demo? Or get in touch with our friendly team to learn more!