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Say hello to email receipts!

Tired of the paper roll running out when you’re half way through printing a client’s receipt? Sick of fumbling around in front of impatient clients while the queue at your front desk grows? We have the answer.

Say goodbye to the paper rolls and the headaches too because, well, problem solved! We’ve heard you, and are excited to introduce everyone’s favorite feature: email receipts. Sound good?

What you’ll need to get started:

• Your email address
• Your customers’ email addresses
• A mouse, or your fingertip, to check the ‘email receipt’ box in Shortcuts
• And, ya know, the internet.

It’s not rocket science, but it will change the way you check out clients for good. When you email a receipt one copy will be sent to your client, while a second copy will be sent to you for your peace of mind.

With email receipts, you’re sure to please every customer, including those who like a paper trail, those who are more environmentally conscious, and those who are just happy with their pampering and with being ableto choose whether they want a printed receipt, email or receipt, or both. Easy peasy.

So, now you know that email receipts will help you cut back on paper waste and make your front desk fuss-free…but that’s not all! Asking for your clients’ email addresses each time they check out means your database is always sparkling clean, so you’ll be more likely to capture clients’ attention with your next Set & Forget Marketing campaign.

Are you excited? Want all the details? Watch this quick video to be in the know.

You’ll need to be on the latest version of Shortcuts to take advantage of this new feature – give us a call on 866 678 7324 to get set up today.