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Which marketing option is right for you?

Which marketing option is right for you?

Have you heard that we’re moving away from Set & Forget Marketing (gCast)? Yep, it’s happening! Effective July 12 2019 Set & Forget Marketing (gCast) will no longer be supported. Action is required by you to ensure your marketing continues.

But don’t stress, we have two amazing marketing options for you to choose from: Shortcuts Marketing, and Mailchimp Marketing.

Join our amazing Product Owner, Brooke Morkham-Calvert, in this FREE webinar as she chats about these amazing new marketing options and helps you decide which marketing platform will best suit you (hint: it might be both!)

You’ll learn:

  • Why we’re moving away from Set & Forget Marketing (gCast)
  • All about our new automated email and SMS marketing feature, Shortcuts Marketing
  • All about our integration with email extraordinaires, Mailchimp Marketing
  • How you can get your hands on one or both of these features before the Set & Forget Marketing cut off date of July 12th 2019.

BONUS: All attendees will get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at our new Shortcuts Marketing feature which isn’t available just yet, but will be coming this June!

Brooke Morkham-Calvert

Evolution Specialist and trainer extraordinaire, Brooke Morkham-Calvert is dedicated to providing Shortcuts clients with the support they need to make using Shortcuts as easy as possible. Having worked at Shortcuts for more than twelve years, Brooke knows the software inside and out, and has all the insider tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Shortcuts.