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Success Stories

Richard Ward Metrospa

The best way to describe me is the balloon holder. I’m the one that makes sure everything works – I wanted to help create something that isn’t built on sand and that no one could take away from me. I still have the drive to build something strong and meaningful. We called our spa ‘metrospa’ which is the concept of a real capsule spa-experience

I always wanted to create my own success. Couture hair and bespoke beauty – that’s what were known for – that’s our thing.

Hellen WardRichard Ward Hair and Metrospa

Like it or not, your staff are going to have their phone on shop floor, so you might as well embrace it, and use it to make your life easier. I think where Shortcuts has been a massive success with the team is that they can track their day and keep on top of how they can fill their whitespa

Shortcuts helps me not only run my team but run my day. What I like from it is the backend; the statistics. I like to look back and find out if we were up. To be able to log on and see it a glance – just makes my life so easy and I’m all for making my life easy!