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Success Stories

Jersey Street Social Club

Inky has been a barber in Manchester for 12 years. He recently became a dad and is now the proud owner of the Jersey Street Social Club.

I want the Jersey Street Social Club to grow organically. I don’t want to force it in anyway. We want a community feel – so we want customers to come back. The ability to book and pay using the app – it keeps the flow of people coming through the shop.

Inky SteveJersey Street Social Club

They no longer have hours of waiting. They can book a time that suits them. They know they can come in, get a haircut, and go back to work or go about their business.

Having it in the palm of our hands cuts down paper work, ordering inventory and all the boring things you get bogged down with. We can now keep a track of how many haircuts and customers we are dealing with and focus our marketing on days we are not as busy.

For me the love of the job is doing the haircuts – Basically I got it to make my life easier in every way.

Inky SteveJersey Street Club