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How to market your gift cards


Gift cards can be a big part of your business, but they can be hard to sell at first. So today we’re giving you some pointers on how to get more gift cards sold at your business!

1.) Displaying Gift Cards

My company sells millions of gift cards a year. I’ll often call my customers and ask how the gift card portion of their business is progressing. When a client tells me the cards aren’t selling, the biggest reason is that they’re not displayed.

The same as any other product your business sells, gift cards need to be on display. They should be out where customers can see them. No one should ever need to ask if you have gift cards.

Head into your local Target or Walmart and count how long it takes you to find a gift card when you’re in the checkout line. They’re everywhere! While this might be overkill for your store, the principle is the same. You want people to see the cards in hopes that they might buy one.

You may want to consider a display stand! We have a few designs available, but something small that sits near your checkout would be a great way to start!

2.) Use them for promotions

I talk about this often, but the easiest way to keep money flowing in to your business is repeat customers. The best way to keep customers coming back, is by giving them a reason to stop by. So try some promotions:

• Buy a $100 service, get a $10 gift card
• Buy a $100 gift card, get a second free $20 gift card
• Buy one,  get one $10 gift cards

These are a great way to get clients coming back. You’re giving them free money they can use on their next visit, and they’ll likely buy more than the value of their gift card.

3.) Fundraising

As a small business owner, I’d be surprised if you can go a week without someone stopping in and asking for money. The American Heart Association, Boy Scouts, or schools in your area. Everyone wants you to donate.

So what do you do? Give them a $20 gift card! It’s a simple way to give to your community, make them happy, and maybe get yourself a new client!

4.) Make sure they’re appealing

Make sure your cards show off your brand. Your gift cards should be a quick glimpse into how awesome you and your business are. There’s no reason to have bland, boring gift cards!

Next time you’re in a Starbucks, look at their cards. They pay extra for clear cards and custom features, but that’s the gold standard of a gift card. Let that be your standard, and go for gold! Think about how often you give or are given a Starbucks gift card. There’s a reason for it!

A great way to ensure you’re getting gorgeously designed cards is by using our design service. It’s free with the purchase of your cards!

Wrapping it up

Now that we’ve taught you how to sell gift cards, what are you waiting for? Get out there and sell some cards! We can’t wait to blog your success story, and how you dramatically changed your business with gift cards