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What Are the Benefits of Using Shortcuts Marketing?

When you’re running a busy salon, your daily task list is extensive and it can be hard to fit everything in.  

So, when it comes to your salon marketing campaigns, to attract and retain clients, you need an EASY solution that requires minimal upkeep. 

This is why we created the game-changing Shortcuts Marketing feature, an easy-to-use and super-simple SMS and email marketing platform that sits within all Shortcuts platforms. 

If you’re wondering exactly how this handy salon marketing feature could benefit your business, then we’re here to explain!  

It’s easy to get started 

First of all, it’s very simple to get everything set up and we will be there to support you every step of the way.

You’ll need to consider who your audience is and tidy up your database to get rid of any duplicate emails, as you won’t want to email them twice. 

Next up, you’ll just need to configure some settings such as your logo and your social links to ensure these appear in your communications.  

It’s also super simple to get the rest of your team up and running on the feature and give them the user ‘role’ type they need.  

Learn more about how to get started with Shortcuts Marketing.

Get ready-made campaigns 

Another great thing about the platform is the fact that there are tonnes of ready-made event-driven campaigns in there for you to use and customize. 

These include happy birthday, welcome, appointment acknowledgements, no-show follow up campaigns and more. 

So, you’ll be equipped with all the salon SMS and email campaigns you need to engage with your different types of clients. 

The email body is also pre-written for you and designed to convert your clients, saving you all the hard work! 

Send unlimited emails 

Some marketing platforms will only let you send a certain number of emails per month which can be limiting if you have a large database. 

With Shortcuts Marketing, you have free and unlimited email sends per month so you can send as many as you like.

This means you can set up and test different types of event-driven campaigns and identify which ones are driving bookings and which ones aren’t. 

We even have a dedicated report to track your ‘Return on Investment’ to see just how much revenue your campaigns are creating!

Personalize your SMS and email campaigns

Did you know? Personalization is the no.1 tactic used in email marketing to increase engagement rates. 

This is exactly why we give you the option to personalize the SMS and email campaigns you send to your clients. 

Personalized fields such as first name, last name or business can be inserted into the SMS and email content or even in the subject line. 

So, you can add that extra personal touch and stand out in your client’s inbox which is likely filled with plenty of other promotions! 

Make life easier in the long-run 

Once you’ve set up your event-driven campaigns, you can then keep these running without even lifting a finger.

This means you will be continually engaging with your clients and encouraging them to return, which means more bookings and revenue. Winning! 

You can also tailor your campaigns to focus on promotional offers and seasonal campaigns such as Black Friday – the options are endless.

As well as all of this, you can access all your campaigns from one location within Shortcuts which means there’s no need for extra platforms or logins.

Automate your marketing with Shortcuts Software 

Investing in salon marketing software will help you avoid spending hours creating campaigns, so you can focus on the important things.

With Shortcuts Marketing, you can grow your brand, keep your guests in the loop and ensure your clients keep coming back.

If you’re interested in learning more about the feature, get in touch with our friendly team or book a demo now.  

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