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When an employee receives a great tip, it makes everyone happy. Your stylist has earned a monetary reward, and as a salon owner or manager, you’re over the moon that your employee is “wowing” their clients.

If only tipping out your team didn’t take up so much of your valuable time!

We hear your cries, and we’ve got your solution. Here’s everything you need to know about our tip management software, Shortcuts Tip Cards.

Introducing Our Tip Management Software for Salons

When it comes to tipping out to your stylists, every salon might have a different process. Maybe you add tips onto their paychecks at the end of the month or have to keep large amounts of cash on hand to give out. Your trips to the bank must be never-ending, to say the least.

What if you could give your employees their well-earned tips with the click of a button?

There’s no need to dream about such a thing! Let us introduce you to Shortcuts Tips Cards, our tip management software that allows you to load your stylists’ tips onto a debit card in an instant. 

How Do Shortcuts Tip Cards Work?

When you switch to Shortcuts for your salon, you’ll be able to access our Shortcuts Tip Cards feature. Here’s how it works:

  1. Each employee will be given their own Shortcuts Tip Card.
  2. Within the Shortcuts platform, you will be able to see exactly how much they earned in tips.
  3. When you want to tip out your employee, you can load their credit card tips onto their tip card.
  4. The employee will immediately receive their tips on the card.
  5. They can then spend their tips using their Shortcuts Tip Card! This can be used at a number of retailers and restaurants both online and in-store.

How Can Shortcuts Tip Cards Benefit You and Your Staff?

1. Saves you valuable time

Without an efficient system in place, sorting out tips can be a stressful and time-consuming task for salon owners. A tip is a reward for excellent work, and therefore it is so important to get them right since your employee would have gone above and beyond to earn it.

Instead of the constant bank runs to get cash, followed by the endless counting of notes and coins, Shortcuts Tip Cards can be loaded with the click of a button, saving you hours in the process.

2. Helps you keep track of tips with ease

On top of the time taken to dish out tips, it can be difficult to track tips on a monthly basis.

  • Who has been given their tips?
  • What amount were they given?
  • How much are they still owed?

The above questions can lead to an unorganised mess when it comes to tipping out your stylists. And they certainly won’t be happy if they receive the incorrect amount for their hard work.

Our tip management software allows you to monitor outgoing tips with ease. No longer will you worry about tipping out the wrong amount, or stress about who is yet to be paid.

Additionally, monitoring your employee tips can be important when it comes to staff performance reviews, so it’s great to have tip data all in one place!

3. Incentivizes your staff to earn more tips

As a stylist, tips are a huge incentive to go above and beyond for your clients on a daily basis. And knowing that you don’t have to wait until payday for your credit card tips is an even bigger incentive.

By paying out tips on a Shortcuts Tip Card, your staff will receive their credit card tips on a much more regular basis, giving them the constant reminder that a tip is on the way. 

Therefore, your team will be kept motivated to provide excellent customer service throughout the month, as opposed to gaining a burst of motivation towards payday.

4. Allows your stylists to easily spend their tips

Another great employee benefit of the Shortcuts Tip Card is that your stylists can easily spend their tips using their tip card.

Again, being able to spend their tips on a regular basis will remind them of the hard work they put into earning their tips and therefore encourage them to continue being diligent.

On top of this, your stylists deserve to treat themselves throughout the month; they’ve earned it!

Get Started with Shortcuts For Your Salon Business

At Shortcuts, we understand that tipping out your stylists can be time-consuming and difficult to monitor effectively. Shortcuts Tip Cards will help you manage your salon tips whilst incentivizing your team to go above and beyond in order to keep earning!

New customer? Learn more about us here

If you are an existing customer, chat with our team here to upgrade to Shortcuts 8.1!

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